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Odyssey’s special projects are missions of a different nature, not just an effort to beat the clock and end up in the record books, but projects with diverse and unique objectives.

Chevrolet Volt Florida Sunshine Road Trip (December 2011)

Chevy Volt
Source: Michael Doyle.

Chevrolet’s exciting foray into the electric vehicle segment gave birth to the Volt, an extended range electric vehicle, that can drive between 40 and 80 kilometres on electric power alone – and then keep going, thanks to the 1.4L gasoline-powered generator. Odyssey International was awarded three programs to help showcase the vehicle to lifestyle media in various locations around North America.

A three-day roadtrip between Fort Myers and Key West, Florida offered a sunny way to show the Volt in both its electric and its gasoline powered modes. In-between drive legs, media experienced coral reefs up close, glass-bottom boat rides and airboat rides through the Everglades.

Chevrolet City Challenge #SonicCity (October November 2011)

Sonic Montreal

Sonic Toronto

Chevrolet Canada challenged urbanites in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver to participate in the Chevrolet City Challenge – an urban road rally event where teams were given a series of clues and asked to complete tasks throughout their city.

Chevrolet Volt: Fall Colors Tour (October 2011)

Volt Fall

The second in the Volt 2011 Series, five media teams from across the United States spent 3 days in New England to test drive the all-new Volt, an extended range electric vehicle from Chevrolet and to check out the fall color foliage for which the area is famous. The roadtrip from Burlington, Vermont to Bar Harbor, Maine included overnight stays at the lovely Topnotch Resort and Spa in Stowe, Vermont and the rambling Mountain View Grand Resort in Whitefield, NH and a climb for the Volt up Mount Washington, the old stalwart of the White Mountains, and the highest peak in the Northeastern United States.

Chevrolet Orlando Road Trip to Orlando (August 2011)

Orlando, Florida, USA

It was our only choice. We had to take a fleet of Chevrolet Orlandos on a roadtrip to Orlando. Where else could we have gone? And we needed kids, and lots of them, to come with us.

So seven families from the Toronto area drove seven Orlandos to Orlando stayed for a couple of days, hosted by Chevrolet Canada, and Visit Orlando, then flew home. Another seven families flew to Orlando, spent a couple of days going to theme parks and taking in the sights, then made the road trip back to Toronto. Stops en route included a night in Savannah and a lovely night in Sutton, West Virginia at the Café Cimino Country Inn.

Chevrolet Volt: North to Alaska (June 2011)

Chevy Volt with helicopter

Volt media on glacier

Alaska was our first program in the Volt series and we executed it just as the days began to overlap into each other. Five media teams drove Volts through the land of the midnight sun and played in beautiful Kenai Peninsula.

Camaro Homecoming: The Ultimate Vehicle Staging Masterpiece (June 2011)

Camero Vehicle Staging

Odyssey International had the responsibility in June 2011 of forming a giant Chevrolet Bowtie logo made of 30 Chevrolet Camaro vehicles and then parking another 700 Camaros dating from 1967 through 2011 in a mosaic pattern, framing the Bowtie. Not just once but three times over the course of the Camaro’s 45th Homecoming weekend.

Ralph the Pelican to Raleigh (March 2011)


Ralph the pelican

Garry became fascinated with the idea of driving a hurricane-stranded brown pelican, named Ralph after the strip club that he landed on after the storm, home to North Carolina after the pelican’s rehabilitation at Hope for Wildlife Society. Not one to let fascinating ideas go, Garry found himself behind the wheel of a Chevrolet cargo van that was essentially a mobile birdcage and, after a feathery three-day journey, delivered Ralph to Outer Banks Wildlife Center in North Carolina. Plug ‘Ralph the Pelican’ into an internet search engine and you’ll see what the buzz what all about.

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