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Odyssey’s special projects are missions of a different nature, not just an effort to beat the clock and end up in the record books, but projects with diverse and unique objectives.

Honda Insight into Canada2009 Honda Insight into Canada

Odyssey teamed up with Honda Canada to create ‘Insight into Canada’ where Canada’s most affordable hybrid car went on an environmental awareness journey across Canada that began during Earth Week 2009.

The journey started 21 April 2009 from Mile Zero in Victoria, British Columbia and ended 22 May 2009 at Mile Zero, St. John’s, Newfoundland. From sea to shining sea.

We divided the country into about two dozen drive legs and let the vehicle blog about the adventures that journalists experienced while checking the environmental pulse of Canadians, visiting earth-friendly places and inspirational people who are doing their share to lessen our country’s carbon footprint, reduce energy use or improve recycling efforts.

Montreal's Biosphere
Montreal's Biosphere

Winnipeg barn

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