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Trapped: 8 days, 6,000 kilometres, attempt to set a record for fuel consumption. Husband and wife.

August 20th, 2013


We get that look from people when we tell them what this coming week involves. Over the phone, there’s a hesitation, silence, then: You’re doing what?

Yes, that’s right. From 22 August to 30 August, we'll be trapped in a car for 6,000 kilometres. Over the next eight days, we will be feather-footing our way from Vancouver to Halifax. Driving the speed limit.

We are attempting to set a record for lowest fuel consumption and using the least amount of fuel on a coast-to-coast drive from Vancouver to Halifax. We want to set a record that will be difficult for someone else to beat within the same parameters.

In order for us to succeed at our attempt, we have to stick to the shortest route, barely veer off for food, libations and accommodations and, here’s the kicker, drive exactly the speed limit. We won’t see much beyond the Trans Canada Highway and what it may (or may not) offer.

Obviously the choice of vehicle is important. We are driving a 2014 Chevrolet Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel. We’re hoping to see the on-board computer read an impressive highway fuel consumption rating, somewhere in the 4-point-something litres per 100 kilometre range.

We’ll have to be ever-so-light on the throttle so may not get to experience its V6-like performance torque but we’ll definitely be investigating its 4-cylinder efficiency. The Chevy Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel’s 2.0L turbocharged clean diesel engine produces 151 horsepower and 264 lb.-ft. of low-end torque.

Diesel is catching on in Canada especially with a new generation of diesel engines that are less noisy and don’t have the traditional vibration or tell-tale black exhaust that may have turned some people off in the past.

Garry is very excited. In fact, he talks about how much he’s looking forward to this ‘vacation’. The words ‘excited’ and ‘vacation’ are not what come to mind to describe what Lisa feeling. Certainly every once in a while Lisa gets a glimmer of ‘oh, seeing our beautiful country this way might not be so bad’ but it’s quickly over-shadowed by the thought of how important a light suitcase will be. Then Lisa's brain gets jittery thinking: ‘good lord, I can only bring one pair of shoes with me!’.

The topic of fuel consumption is top of mind for vehicle owners but, let’s face it, it’s not very sexy or fun. Can it possibly be?

We want to have fun and get a bit silly driving across the country in good old-fashioned go-for-broke-road-trip fashion.

During the 6,000-kilometre trans-Canada trek from August 22 to 30, each day we plan to interview three Canadians-who-make-the-Trans-Canada-tick. We want to ask them some, like: What's your proudest moment as a Canadian? What's the wildest thing you've seen along the TCH? How far have you driven along the TCH? Why would you like to come with us?

What burning question do you have for those Canadians-who-make-the-Trans-Canada-tick? Send us your ideas. Fill us in on Twitter, Facebook or on our blog (blogs.driving.ca). Help us check the pulse of Canadians!

Our friends are placing bets on whether our marriage and business partnership will survive. Will one of us get dropped off somewhere between Kenora and Thunder Bay, never to be seen again? Who needs enemies? They’re also subjecting us to corny comments such as: ‘Sounds sort of fuelish to me’ and the like.

Speaking of corny, we’ll also be capturing goofy roadside Canadiana: Big Thing of the Day. Sign of the day. Best music scene on the TCH. Look for us out there on the road.

Our ultimate goal is to produce an excellent fuel economy number with the Chevy Cruze Diesel, create a bit of a buzz and make a ‘boring’ trip fun.

One of Lisa's secret goals is to see how she'll survive eight days with only one pair of shoes.

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Follow the coast-to-coast trek on: http://blogs.driving.ca/

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